And we are back! I am deeply sorry for the longer than planned hiatus but Team Stryker is back and ready to rock your world! For those of you who have been following TS since the beginning you will notice a LOT of new changes to the site and for those of you just joining us welcome to the world of Team Stryker! You couldn’t have joined us at a better time as today we reveal the first villain in the Team Stryker universe: The Flaming Swallow!

With so many new changes to the site I thought I would give you a quick run down of what has changed:

-About: Find your most basic Team Stryker info here
-Characters: A brief bio of all four members of Team Stryker (more to come!)
-Downloads: Here you will find Team Stryker wallpapers in four different sizes. Will be adding smart phone versions in the future
-Links: Internet links to some of the best webcomics as well as anything nerdy
-Contact: All the ways to get in touch with me including through Facebook and Twitter
-Store: The official Team Stryker online store! Here you can find t-shirts, posters, calendars, etc

Also along side this post you will see buttons that will take you straight to store, Facebook or Twitter. There is also a donate button for those of you with Paypal. It is a 100% optional but if you enjoy Team Stryker and want to donate to the cause I know Eagleheart and the gang would appreciate it.

Now back to the comic itself. Flaming Swallow was inspired by a Mexican wrestling mask a friend gave me and the name came organically while my buddy Max (the inspiration for Deadeye) and I were throwing around random adjectives to go with the character. This is pretty much how every Team Stryker name has come to fruition. The word “Flaming” was easy it was getting the “Swallow” that took some doing. I wish I could take credit for it but I am pretty sure Max thought of it first. The best method I have found for naming characters is go with what makes you laugh first and how can you argue with a name like Flaming Swallow? You can’t.

Before I leave you I just wanted to give a huge shout out to Kelsey Rosner who did an amazing job on my website (as you can plainly see by its unmatched levels of awesomeness). If you are in need of a web designer you can find her at or on her Twitter.

Have a great start to the week and I will see you all back here on Thursday!