Well here we are! It has been a very long and crazy ride but we are finally on the last page of Team Stryker Mission 003! This is a really huge deal for me as Mission 001-003 were my first batch of Team Stryker issues I drew back to back starting in 2008. It’s a scary thought that from here on in I have to write, draw, ink and color all new pages of TS. I started work on Mission 004 back in October and it is almost finished and ready for your viewing pleasure. Mission 004 will launch in a couple weeks on March 11, 2013. For the next few updates I’ll be displaying some Team Stryker fan art from some talented people I’ve met over the years. Getting fan art based off one of your creations is one of the greatest milestones any author/artist can achieve so I’ve been thrilled with some of the amazing pieces people have submitted. Hopefully Mission 004 inspires even more of you to try your hand and drawing Eagleheart, Deadeye, Casanova and V-Scope!

As for today’s last page I felt it was only right to have Mission 003 start the way it ended: Team Stryker hopelessly traveling through time. This mission was drawn over the span of a year so it’s always fun to go back at look back at the first page to see how my style has evolved over 31 pages. Both me and TS are still very much in our infancy as far as being a comic series goes so there is plenty of room to grow. I like to think that with each issue I get better as much as Team Stryker does.

I hope you have all enjoyed reading Mission 003 as much as I enjoyed making it for you. If it wasn’t for you I would be the only one laughing at the thought of a velociraptor in a lab coat…