Good morning Team Stryker fans! Last night I was up late dealing with a flood in my condo complex so I apologize if today’s post isn’t very coherent. It seems like the universe is making me work very hard for my long weekend.

Drawing page 09 was extremely fun. I had been wanting to draw a hipster getting punched for so long it was very therapeutic when I finally got the chance. I had to be very careful with this page as adding panel breaks can be very dangerous. I like the idea of Casanova’s foot breaking into panel 3 but I had to make sure that it didn’t disrupt the flow of the page. When you add page breaks it can throw some people off where they read panel 1 and skip straight to panel 3. Hopefully no one had that problem when reading this page (if you did let me know in the comments section below) and just enjoyed witnessing the first hipster smackdown of the issue.

Have a great long weekend everyone! Be sure to take time out from suntanning on Monday to come see the newest page of Team Stryker Mission 004!