Good morning Team Stryker fans! Take a break from your Friday to enjoy the pencils to this high flying page! When I drew this I actually had drawn the entire page out in final and then left it over night, looked back at it the next day and then decided to redo the whole last panel. That doesn’t happen to me often so when it does I know I have to listen to my gut. When I first drew it I didn’t think it was nearly as dramatic as I needed it to be. I went and pushed the angles on the last panel to make sure that there was a sense of how high up they were on the bridge. Hopefully the extra effort was worth it.

With Monday being a holiday I’m going to take the day (and week off) next week and page 21 will come up on the 12th. It will also give you other artists a little extra time to get in your Team Stryker fan art in to! Have a great weekend everyone!