And we’re back! I hope everyone had a great week last week and are ready for some Team Stryker action! Now that our villain has been revealed we can now focus on Team Stryker. With each new issue I want to try and dive into the backgrounds of each character and try to flesh them out page by page. With Eagleheart, I want to focus on the fact that he is extremely old and out of touch with today’s modern lifestyle. Using words like “Hotdiggity” or “Consarnit” is a lot of fun and it helps me drive home the fact that this is a man that has fought in every single American war.

On Friday I was able to pick up my PS4 and it has been a dream. It has the slickest interface, fastest downloads and the nicest games of any console (especially for a launch). I’ve been enjoying the single player of Killzone and the multiplayer action of Battlefield 4. The is a glitch in BF4 where the game crashes and it looses my save file so I’m holding off on playing the single player again until I know it has been fixed. If you want to know anything else about the PS4 you can find me on Twitter and Facebook. If you already have a PS4 feel free to add me to PSN at Casanova20.