TGIM Team Stryker fans! Sorry for the delay on today’s page. Calgary was experiencing the worst blizzard we’ve had in years. It hasn’t been a great year for weather here. Back in June we had the 100 year flood that wiped out 100 000 plus homes including half of my childhood home and now we are get 3+ feet of snow in some areas. My car got stuck in front of Sabrina’s last Sunday and I didn’t get it back until Thursday morning. I’m chalking this all up to 2013 being one long Friday the 13th and 2014 will be a return to norm.

I will be taking a few weeks off for Christmas so I can make sure that Mission 005 is done before the new year. New pages of Team Stryker will return on Monday January 6 2014. I will still be around on Twitter and Facebook if you want to ask me what I want for Christmas.