Happy Wednesday! I’m just now getting caught up on the latest episode of The Walking Dead and I really wish there was a ban on all spoilers of TV, movies and games within the first 48 hours of it airing. Right now I can find out the ending to inFAMOUS Second Son (doesn’t come out until Friday), The Walking Dead (aired just over 48 hours ago) and The Muppet Most Wanted (not out until Friday). Before Twitter and Facebook you just had to avoid websites and not click on articles you didn’t want to read. Now I can’t look at my Facebook or Twitter feed without 100 people ruining every major plot twist seconds after it airs. I’m just not a fan of not having a choice if I see spoilers or not. If I go to a website and click on an article that’s my fault, but if I just want to wish a friend Happy Birthday on Facebook I shouldn’t be subjected to spoilers I can’t avoid. I know I’m usually too busy enjoying the show, game or movie to even think about posting spoilers or even my opinions. That should come after once you’ve had time to think about it.

Well that is my opinion and you are certainly allowed to have yours. Let me know what you think on Facebook or Twitter!