And we’re back! After a short delay after the Easter weekend, Team Stryker is firing on all cylinders! I just spent the last four days at the Calgary Comic Expo and it was another fantastic experience. This year was even bigger than last year which gave me lots of time to talk to hundreds of great geeks and nerds alike. I don’t feel more at home than at a comic convention. Seeing thousands of people having fun and showing their passion for the things that they love is a wonderful sight. I know that they are not for everyone but if you’re in the right mindset there is no place better. It’s like Christmas in April to get to dress up as Deadpool and share Team Stryker with people who really get what Team Stryker (and by association me) are all about. I must have said the phrase “Team Stryker is like G.I. Joe if they were really bad at their job” over 300 times but each time I said it with as much meaning as I did the first time. My custom Jeffery butterflies that you pin to your shoulders were a runaway success and it was fun to see people walking around with them. My next convention won’t be until September in Edmonton so I’ll sure to have plenty more Jefferies for everyone before then.

To all the wonderful people I met at the Expo, welcome to Team Stryker! I hope you have as much fun reading it as I do making it. You can find me here Monday, Wednesday and Friday or anytime on Facebook or Twitter.