Ahoy Team Stryker fans! I have emerged from playing the PS5 to long enough to let you know that a new page of Team Stryker Mission 012 is live for your enjoyment. I had 6 days off starting last week so I could pick up my PS5 right at midnight and then disappear for the last week and I don’t regret a thing.

There are very few things I look forward to than a new console launch, especially in this suck-hole of year. I’m not ALWAYS in the mood to get a console day one, but I really wanted to get the PS5 day one. Luckily I was able to preorder one in stores and in a mall so it was very easy for me to get it right at midnight. Between Sabrina hanging out with me, a backpack full of snacks and free mall Wi-Fi the wait til midnight went by relatively quickly. I even ended up being first in line thanks to Sabrina insisting we start waiting as soon as the store closed at 6.

I’ll do my best to make sure there aren’t any major delays with Team Stryker due to my PS5 playing but no promises. To keep up with Team Stryker as well as me dying in Demon’s Souls, be sure to follow Team Stryker on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.