That’s a wrap on Mission 012! When I started this issue last year I certainly didn’t except that I’d be trapped inside my house for the entire year it took to make. I can’t wait until I can go back to meeting Team Stryker fans in person. I’ve now completed two issues of Team Stryker since my last convention so I’m DYING to get them in the hands of actual readers.

Just a reminder for those who can’t wait for a physical copy can find digital versions on the Team Stryker Store or over at For just $1 per issue or $5 per volume you can take Team Stryker everywhere you go! Mission 012 is already available for those that don’t feel like reading the book through the website.

I haven’t even started work on Mission 013 as I’ve been focused this last year on finishing this issue and not going crazy being locked away in my house. As soon as it starts up I’ll be sure to update Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @TSComic so stay tuned!