My Corofllot online portfolio

My Deviant Art account

Max Dunbar (the inspiration for Deadeye)’s online art portfolio

Mayim by Michael Dambold

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Sabrina Broughton’s daily vlog (guest staring me!)

Shift Work Fitness

Ka-Blam online comic publishing

GU Comics (a great daily webcomic about gaming)

King of the Unknown (hilariously fun webcomic)

Romantically Apocalyptic (one of the greatest webcomics out there)

Ctl-Alt-Del Online (a fantastic webcomic that has been around for over 7 years) (a great Canadian comic posted daily)

Abominable (one of the most stylish webcomics to date)

Amazing Superpowers (always good for a laugh)

PVP Online (for the nerd in all of us)

Looking for Group (an amazing ongoing story)

XKCD (stick figures at the most bad ass)

Realm of Atland (an ongoing fantasy webcomic)

Nerf Now! (a fun and random webcomic)

SNAFU (a great place for all things nerdy and awesome)

Atomic Robo (one of the coolest webcomics out there!)

Dueling Analogs (a must-have site for all gamers)

Giant in the Playground (a great source for comics and games)

VG Cats (hilarious comics based off games and geek culture)

Dorkly (the number one spot for all things dorky)