Happy Monday Team Stryker fans! Sorry for later than usual post as I had some personal matters to take care of. Hopefully you all agree that today’s out of this world picture by Logan Richards was worth the wait! I met Logan on Twitter a few months back and ever since he has been on of my favorite people to talk to when it comes to anything comic related. He always has an insightful opinion to share or fun pictures to enjoy. When I started telling people I was looking to do a spotlight on Team Stryker fan art Logan jumped at the opportunity. His only stipulation was that he wanted to do Team Stryker in space and who was I to say no to that! Logan and I worked closely making sure that every member of TS had a unique space suit and look. I couldn’t have been more thrilled when this image landed in my inbox a few days later. I was hoping to have time to color it myself and I still might do so down the line, but for now I want to put the focus on Logan’s awesome style and flair for small details.

If you want to chat with Logan you can find him on Twitter at @loganusprime. Have a great start to the week and I’ll see you back here on Thursday for the next exciting piece of Team Stryker fan art!