Happy Thursday everyone! Just going through my list of things to do today: 1. Wake up (check!) 2. Do laundry (ongoing) 3. Check mail for my J.Scott Campbell art books (check but no luck) 4. Take the world by storm by releasing a new page of Team Stryker Mission 003 (almost there!)

Today’s page is meant to showcase how effective She-Cann is as an arms dealer. I like the idea of an villain that’s trying to market herself to her enemies as she is fighting them. What’s a better time to showcase your goods than when you’re trying to blast someone with them? To top it all off, Eagleheart seems to like the merchandise that She-Cann is using against him and Deadeye. One the other side of the coin you have Casanova trying to convince V-Scope to fight along side She-Cann. With a little nudge from Jeffery V-Scope is easily swayed. The idea of the evil butterfly stems as far back as from an episode of The Simpsons with the classic line “No one suspects the butterfly”. When I wanted an evil butterfly that would lead Team Stryker to off their path I wanted him to be able to sway just one member and that would lead to a snowball effect. V-Scope was an easy choice as being the sniper he isn’t always with the others, but watching their back from a distance. This gives Jeffery every opportunity to sway V-Scope to the dark side.

Have a great Thursday Team Stryker fans and I will see you back here on Monday!