Happy Monday Team Strykerites (Strykerians? Strykerdorians?) sorry for the late update Word Press wasn’t being particularly friendly and wouldn’t let me log into my account. Luckily all good things are worth waiting for and I think you have waited long enough to see the newest page of Team Stryker!

Today’s page is one of my all time favorite pages from this issue. It was a blast to draw Casanova and Deadeye getting payback on V-Scope and Eagleheart (Nova having better luck that Deadeye). Eagleheart has been around for a while now and has become a well seasoned combatant and it takes a lot to keep him down. Deadeye is what you would call a berserker and doesn’t fight with the most finesse. Casanova on the other is the most agile member of Team Stryker due to his years of ballet practice (he enjoyed being the only male in the class) and therefore can land attacks with deadly accuracy. Team Stryker has been together for a long time now and share a bond that’s hard to match. Deadeye and Casanova can strategize an attack plan without uttering a single word.

A quick update on the paperback versions of Team Stryker: Since I sold out of Mission 001 (thanks for the support!) I’ve gone and ordered another batch of comics. To add to the exciting news I’ve also ordered my first batch of Mission 002 comics as well! They should arrive to coincide with the conclusion to Mission 002. Once Mission 002 has wrapped up I’ll be putting the book for sale online as well. I might even have some more goodies to add to the Team Stryker Store for all of those die hard fans out there.

Have a great start to the week everyone and I will see you all back here on Thursday for page 20 of Team Stryker: Mission 002!