Happy new Team Stryker day to you and happy birthday to me! I’m now 26 years young! I drew the very first page of Team Stryker 5 years ago and I couldn’t be more excited for the future for, Eagleheart, Deadeye, Casanova and V-Scope. Let’s all make sure we meet up here again in another 5 years to see just how far we’ve come.

This is the page you’ve all been waiting for! The long awaited arrival of The Hip Squad! If you follow me on Twitter then you have seen my sneak peek at their character sheets but this is the first time anyone gets to see them in action! There is Piers Haberdasher (named after my good friend Piers), Freedom (is that her real name? Keep reading to find out!) and Dallass (Spelled Dalla$$). Together they form The Hip Squad, fighting conformity and the mainstream since 2012.

Have a great start to the week and I’ll see you all back here on Wednesday!