TGIF Team Stryker fans! It’s a rainy day here in Calgary but that won’t stop me from delivering you the pencils to page 11 of Mission oo4! Getting to draw this page from several different angles was my favorite part. Sometimes artists find a couple of camera angles that work for them and they just stick to them for the rest of their careers. Since I’m the writer and artist of Team Stryker I have to make sure that I’m pushing myself with each page and coming up with new ways to surprise you (my amazing readers).

Other exciting Team Stryker news is that Mission 004 has been completed and has been sent off to the printers for my proof copy to be made. The only issue was that I had some speech bubbles too close to the edge of the page and had to go and adjust them so if you pick up Mission 004 in print some pages may look slightly different than they did on the website. Not a single word has been altered though.

Have a great weekend and don’t you dare miss out on Monday’s premiere of Team Stryker Mission 004 Page 12!