Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’re all as excited for the weekend as I am. The Last of Us comes out today and I’m shaking with excitement. It was originally supposed to come out back on May 7th (one day AFTER my birthday) so that extra month of waiting has been killing me. This is the kind of game I’ve been dreaming of for years so to finally get to play a survival action game that’s not afraid to be slow and thoughtful is mind blowing to me. If you have a PS3 and pick up The Last of Us feel free to add me to PSN Casanova20.

Getting back to business, I love drawing the Hip Squad so every chance I could find to put all 3 of them in one frame I took it. The hardest part was keeping their heights the same as well as fitting them all into one panel. I really couldn’t decide what to do with Freedom, the female hipster, so I had to think “what would a hipster do?”. Texting on her phone while there is a huge battle going on seemed like a good choice. Hipsters can be so involved with themselves that they forget that there is a world outside of what they are doing.

Have a great and lazy weekend everyone and I’ll see you back here on Monday!