Good morning Team Stryker fans! Today’s page is coming in a day late because yesterday was Canada Day (the July 4th of Canada for all my American friends) so I was occupied trying to stay cool as we had the nicest day of the year so far. It hasn’t been a great year weather wise here so the gorgeous weekend was appreciated. Today’s page of Team Stryker terrified me to no end when I first started drawing it. This was a huge test of myself to see if I could make a convincing landscape of large proportions. I had to make sure I had a lot of reference photos and had to be very accurate with my perspective. It was insanely satisfying once everything came together. I really wanted to go big with the 4th issue of Team Stryker and I thought that having the finale move to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge was fitting way to do that.

Have a great start to your week and check back in 24 hours for your behind the scenes look at today’s page!