TGIM Team Stryker fans! Only because it’s new Team Stryker day should you be exited for a Monday. This is one of those pages where my favorite panel (the extreme close up of Pier’s mouth) ended up taking the least amount of time. Every time I see a hipster get into an argument and someone tells them they’re wrong their response is usually “you just don’t understand”. You can pretty much use this argument to defend every evil action in the last 80 000 years. What if when people told Hitler he was crazy and he just said “you just don’t understand”? This is why we will never understand why hipsters do the crazy things they do because I’m pretty sure don’t understand just as much as we don’t.

We have just seven weeks of Team Stryker Mission 004 left to go! I’m in the process of collecting fan art to display on the site between Mission 004 and 005. If you submit a piece of Team Stryker fan art to along with your name and mailing address I will mail you a print copy of Mission 004! It’s that easy so get drawing! I’m very excited to see what you talented folk come up with.