Here is the last page to Team Stryker Mission 004! It’s been a long journey that has spanned the majority of 2013 and I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride! It’s always a thrill when doing the last page knowing that the issue is ready to be shared with the world. I wanted to make sure that everything was wrapped up in a nice package but still left The Hip Squad still alive and kicking in case they come back for round two sometime in the future. I also had the idea early on that Casanova would take credit for beating The Hip Squad even though he only had to punch 1 out of 3 members.

If you’re just tuning in to Team Stryker why not start at the very beginning here or at the start of Mission 004 here. The next few weeks will be used for Team Stryker fan art while I work hard getting Mission 005 ready for all you amazing fans out there. Don’t forget to check back here on Wednesday to see the behind the scenes look of today’s page!