TGIF Team Stryker fans! We are just 7 days away from the PS4 launch in North America and I don’t know how I’m going to contain my excitement for a whole 7 days! Yesterday I drove to the other side of town and met Sabrina at a mall where I knew EB Games and the Sony store were demoing PS4s. I also got to experience my first 4K TV and it was a sight to behold. Playing Fifa 14 on PS4 on a 4K is definitely  a sign that the future is pretty. I don’t want to get too spoiled or my 60 inch 1080p TV will feel like a downgrade. If anyone of you are planning on getting a PS4 on launch day let me know in the comments and be sure to add me to PSN at Casanova20.

Monday is Remembrance Day here in Canada so I won’t be adding a new page of Team Stryker. I will be busy calling my Granddad and thinking about all those people that have made it possible that I can enjoy my life and do what I love.