Good morning Team Stryker fans! I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for some Team Stryker action! Eagleheart and company have made it to the Hoover Dam and are about to face their biggest (literally) villain yet! As I get more confident in my writing I tend to have as much fun doing pages that set up the action as much as the action pages themselves. Each member of TS is becoming more distinct which makes writing them more fun. Eagleheart seems to get older and more unintentionally ignorant which is a fun challenge in itself. I never want him to be racist but more oblivious to political correctness. Casanova and V-Scope are the two characters most similar so I have to work hard to make sure that Casanova’s innocence and child-like wonder make him sound different than V-Scope’s stoney and aloof voice. Deadeye is great because he can go 20 pages without saying a word as he tends to talk more with his fists.

Have a great start to the week and be sure to check back on Wednesday for the next update of Team Stryker!