TGIF Team Stryker fans! Today’s page was one of my favorites to draw and for many reasons. Sometimes when you’re drawing a page you can tell you’re onto something special right away and I could feel the moment I finished drawing Eagleheart. This is how I want Eagleheart to look in every panel. Once I had finished the Team Stryker line I immediately went and cut out all 4 members of Team Stryker to use as promotional material in the future. Getting to drawing Boris Drunkov in full profile was a huge joy as he has the best proportions of any member of Team Stryker so far. I usually had to do several passes of him, making him fatter each time. I wanted to give him a real sense of weight so I had to pay very close attention to the way he stands and the way his body contorts when in motion.

I hope you all enjoyed the page and I will see you all here on Monday for the newest page of Team Stryker!