Good morning Team Stryker fans! We’re almost half way through Mission 005 and things are just getting exciting. Trying to draw the perfect drunk-walk required a lot of research which is never a bad thing when that research involves seeing a lot of people fall over. I figured Casanova would handle his alcohol similar to a 21 year sorority girl and be fine until they pass out after one drink.

This weekend I backed my first Kickstarter! Jon Esparza and Kim Belding (both who have done great fan art for Team Stryker) launched their Kickstarter Crazy in Pink. It’s goal is to create an animation program that brings back the slapstick and clever writing that can be devoid in today’s cartoons. It will be something close to the Garfield and Animaniacs cartoons that were so brilliant. Please check it out if you support great cartoons and the great people making them.