TGIF and Happy Valentine’s Day Team Stryker fans! I hope you all enjoyed page 13 as it was probably one of my favorite pages to draw of the entire issue. Casanova is a natural extension of myself so whenever I get to draw him doing crazy things I feel like I’m living through him. I want to make sure each member in TS has their moment to shine and I never want to pick favorites since they are very different characters (including the villains).

With it being Valentine’s Day, I want to dedicate today’s page to Sabrina who has been on this roller coaster ride with me for the last three years. Without her acting as my editor, adviser, confidant, inspiration and muse Team Stryker wouldn’t be what it is today. Here is to another three years of Wal-Mart adventures, road trips and party nights xo

This weekend in a long weekend up here in snowy Canada so there won’t be an update on Monday, but Team Stryker will be back on February 24th!