After a brief dispute with Go Daddy about the domain name we are back! The domain expired on Friday but even though I have automatic renewal set up the domain wasn’t renewed so I had to make sure I picked it up again so no one could swipe it from under my feet. Everything should be working fine and Team Stryker is safe until March of 2016!

As for today’s page, it was V-Scope’s turn to take on Boris Drunkov. One thing that really hasn’t been shown with V-Scope is that he is actually an amazing sniper when he wants to be. I wanted to show that, unlike Casanova, V can hit a gun out of someone’s hand with ease. Knowing that V can actually shoot makes Drunkov’s impressive display of acrobatics all the more impressive. The final panel of V-Scope talking to Jeffery was something I had planned from the start because I’m not a real big fan when characters in any media talk out loud to themselves so having Jeffery there is the perfect way around this.

Have a great start to the week and be sure to check back on Wednesday for the next Team Stryker update!