Here it is! The last update of Mission 005! This issue feels like it went by faster than any other issue. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was drawing Boris Drunkov in my notebook during the Calgary Comic Expo 2013. Since I started Team Stryker I’ve been writing down any idea, big or small, into a notebook so when I knew I was doing this storyline I was able to have plenty of time what I wanted to do next so that I could (loosely) tie them together going forward. I will always make Team Stryker accessible to everyone but it was fun to end an issue with a cliffhanger that I could or could not follow up with.

I sincerely hope that you all enjoyed the dozens of hours I put into this issue. Writing, drawing, inking and coloring takes an untold amount of time, effort and dedication and as long as there is one person reading an enjoying it I will continue to make Team Stryker the best comic on the internet.

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