Happy Stampede everyone! Sorry for the late post this week. I’m staying at the Sabrina’s during the first few days of Stampede and my laptop was having trouble connecting to her internet yesterday but it seems to be holding steady today! It’s Stampede time here in Calgary, AB which means the entire city shuts down and parties in jeans and cowboy boots for a week and a half. It’s truly a magical time and it feels like Christmas in July. Between the free concerts, amazing (and horrifying) foods and endless drinks, it’s the place to be. Sabrina and I have already been down 3 times since Friday and I even got hypnotized on Sunday! Being hypnotized is a hilarious/embarrassing experience that everyone should at least attempt. The Stampede continues until next Sunday and I’ll probably be down there a few more times before the week is out.

As for today’s page I am very excited to introduce Dallas McKnight to the Team Stryker universe. Dallas was concepted way back in 2008 before Team Stryker was the webcomic you see before you. I had just drawn my first issue of Team Stryker and my mind was racing with where I could take it. Max Dunbar would come over and we would come up with ideas and characters while playing games in the basement of the house I was renting a room out of it. Dallas was born out of the idea of having the world’s biggest bad ass living on the moon and keep Earth safe from afar. It’s been a thrill bringing him to life and I hope you all love him as much as I do!