Team Stryker is back! Sorry for the off and on posts these last few weeks. Things have been very hectic leading into the fall season but updates should be coming out more regularly now. There is only one more holiday between now and Christmas so you can expect lots of Team Stryker updates between then.

Today’s page was my chance to take a breath and do some much needed exposition. I want to make sure that every villain Team Stryker battles has a reason for being there and doing what they are doing (no matter how ridiculous). It’s always said that the best villains are the ones that don’t think of themselves as villains and are doing what they feel is right. They can turn anyone into a Communist because they think it is best for the world (despite turning everyone into red monsters along the way). This makes it much easier to write both sides and makes for more compelling battles when the two sides clash.

See you all back here on Wednesday!

– Andrew