TGIF Team Stryker fans! Thank you for sticking with me during this transition period. I’m happy to announce that I’ve got my computer all set up at my new residence so regular Team Stryker updates will start again on Monday! It has been a very trying couple of weeks but things are slowly getting back to normal thanks to family, friends and the supportive Team Stryker community we’ve built since 2012.

Today’s page was a page I had designed in my head very early during the concept period. I knew that I wanted to have Casanova break his shackles and jump through a wall in cartoon fashion. I wanted to make it look funny and comedic but still believable as Team Stryker is still a (slightly) serious comic and there are rules to their universe. It can be a hard line to walk sometimes. I never want to go too Looney Tunes with it but I also don’t want to not do something funny just because it’s a little outrageous.

Have a great weekend and be sure to tell all your friends on Facebook and Twitter that Team Stryker will be back on Monday!

– Andrew