Happy new Team Stryker day everyone! There are just 3 more pages of Mission 006 left! Since Mission 006 and 007 are loosely connected to Mission 005 they are 23 pages long to leave a “Previously on Team Stryker” page when I do the prints. Due to the unforeseen circumstances of me losing my job last month I’ve been a bit behind in getting the pages of Mission 007 completed on time. I’m hoping to have things back to normal very shortly but I might have to have a couple weeks break between 006 and 007 to make sure that there isn’t any gaps when I start releasing 007 early next year.

Slowly turning TS into Space Commies has been a lot of fun as I get to make slight tweaks to their personalities. Each member gets a little more evil and greedy while still retaining what makes them fun characters in the first place. Things are about to get really interesting now that Deadeye has fallen to the Commie Rays…

Be sure to tune in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to get all your Team Stryker action!

– Andrew