Happy Monday! The Calgary Comic Expo is this week starting on Thursday. Hopefully I’ll see lots of you there as I’ll have Team Stryker Mission 001-006 as well as a trade paperback containing Missions 001-005 in one collection! I’ll be there Thursday-Sunday at booth H-01 and can’t wait to spend four days hanging out with fellow nerds and talking all things comic books.

I just spent this past weekend watching Daredevil on Netflix from start to finish. That may be the best 13 episodes of television I’ve seen in a long time. It was nearly impossible to stop watching once I started. It makes me so excited for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it really felt like a groundbreaking step for comic book story telling. If you haven’t watched it yet, do yourself a favor and clear 13 hours from your schedule and watch Daredevil.

Have a great start to your week and Team Stryker will be back on Wednesday!

– Andrew