I have survived the Calgary Comic Expo and am back to work on Team Stryker! The Expo was a complete success and I have renewed hope that one day Team Stryker will take over the world. It was so much fun getting to spend time with all of the great nerds of Calgary and everyone that came in from all over Canada. There was an endless supply of amazing people to talk comics, games, movies and all other nerdy things with. I made a lot of promises to make sure that I have 007 and 008 ready for the next Expo so I’ll be working very hard for the next year to make sure I can fulfill all those wishes. There aren’t any words to describe the feeling of having complete strangers take a chance on you and what you’re passionate about and I’m extremely grateful for it.

Thank you so much to all you amazing people that took a chance on me and Team Stryker and I promise to keep bringing you the Team Stryker goodness you’ve come to enjoy.

– Andrew