Team Stryker is back! I would think that after this fourth page that it’s pretty clear that this issue will be more V-Scope focused than any other issue. I don’t ever write an issue with “Let’s make this a V-Scope issue” in my mind, it’s just more of what happens organically as I decide the villains, story line, etc. My hope is that if it feels organic to me writing it, it will feel organic to everyone reading it.

Next Friday I’ll be at the Edmonton Comic Expo will all the issues of Team Stryker issues, Volume 001, posters, toys and much more! I hope all of my Edmonton based Team Stryker fans come over to Artist Alley booth F-11  and come say “Hi!”. Meeting fans in person is the absolute best part of making Team Stryker. Until then you can follow Team Stryker on Facebook, Twitter and Patreon!