Happy long weekend Team Stryker fans! As promised, a new page of Mission 009 is up. This was the first page to be completed 100% after taking several months off due to computer issues and work life issues. I hope it’s not too jarring of a change, but while I was on leave I spent a lot of time working on making sure Team Stryker is as energetic as possible and really wanted to put more of an emphasis on the art. The last half of the issue may look different, but if it’s for the better, I hope no one will complain about that.

Mission 009 update: Page 15 is 100% completed, page 16 is being colored and pages 17-21 have been drawn and are waiting for inks/coloring. I’m hoping that at my current pace there won’t be many (if any) gaps in being able to post a new page each week. The goal is to have the issue 100% completed for the Edmonton Comic Expo in September.

As always, check the Team Stryker Facebook and Twitter for updates and sneak peeks.