Happy Team Stryker day to my Team Stryker fans and happy E3 day to all my gamer buddies. I’m very excited for E3 to really kick off with the Sony press conference tonight. I’ll be watching it with Sabrina while we wait to see what new games we will be playing in the upcoming months. Each year I play less and less games as I focus more on Team Stryker, but I still try to follow all the updates so that I know if there are any games worthy of my time.

I’m currently working on coloring page 18 so hopefully there won’t be any delays in getting it to you next Monday. I have a bachelor party next weekend so I’m going to try and finish the page before then so I can go golfing and rafting guilt free. If there are any changes in the schedule you can follow Team Stryker on Facebook and Twitter for any updates.