Four pages into Mission 010 and we have our second villain appearance! Die Hard Team Stryker fans will immediately recognize She-Cann from Mission 002. She-Cann was a BIG experiment and challenge for me back in 2009 because I had never drawn girls extensively. They had always just intimidated since they are the fairer sex and are much harder to draw consistently. When I started Team Stryker I never wanted to shy away from a challenge which is why I made the main villain of Mission 002 a female.

Sorry for the infrequent posting of these last few pages. I’m going all out on the pages and want to take the time to do them right. It also doesn’t help when you get the flu over the holiday season. I’ll be sure to continue to post updates on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @TSComic so you have an idea when the next page is going to be posted.

I hope you’re all enjoying Mission 010 as much as I am making it!