First off I’m so sorry for the big delays between pages for this issue. I’ve been running into all kinds of snags from domain names lapsing to viruses trying to stop me from updating the site.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get the pages posting more regularly shortly.

In the meantime, I’m happy to debut a full page spread of the new Hip Squad and give you a taste of what they do/don’t stand for. You’ve got Becki Gallagher, the Basic Girl who wants to make sure pumpkin spice lattes are available year round. There’s Sam Jamie Wisewoman, the Social Justice Warrior who fights for everything that offends her (and that’s everything). Finally, there’s Lutz Jackington the Lumberjack Hipster who simply wants to have a vegan/soy/gluten free burger and a micro brew beer while grooming his mustache/beard.

This is just the start of the battle against the new Hip Squad so stay tuned and keep checking Faceboook, Twitter and Instagram @TSComic for all your Team Stryker needs.