For the remainder of Mission 010 I’m trying my best to multitask between updating the website with finished pages and getting as far ahead as I can on drawing all the original pencils. My hope is that I can have most of the pencils done (if not all of them) by the fall so that I can then spend the winter coloring the remaining pages I have left for the issue. There are 35 total pages and I’ve got 12 100% complete and 13-14 drawn. I’m hopeful that keeping ahead with the drawings will make it easier for me to the issue done on time for the Calgary Expo next April. I want to have Mission 010 complete as well as Volume 002.

This may cause a delay in getting final pages posted to the website as I’ll be focusing on drawing new pages over coloring currently completed pages. I’ll be posting all the Team Stryker updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @TSComic. Let me know if you’d be interested in me posting the final pencils and inks on the website and I can certainly do that as well. I don’t want you amazing website viewers to feel like you’re missing out!