Team Stryker is back after a VERY successful Edmonton Comic Expo! A big thank you to all of the Team Stryker fans new and old that showed up to support the book. I always love getting to meet people face to face and really feel like I’m not just shouting into a void when I talk about Team Stryker. It always keeps me motivated until the next convention.

I’ve currently finished drawing 30/35 pages and still working on the colors of page 15. Once I finish all the drawings, I’ll be switching to inking and coloring full time so expect updates much more frequently as I start to finish pages at a faster rate. I’m hoping to have all the pencils done for the end of October so I can spend November – April working on the inks and colors to hopefully have Mission 010 completed in time for the Calgary Expo.

As always you can follow Team Stryker on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @TSComic to get all the latest updates and news.