Happy 2019 Team Stryker fans! I’ve got lots of exciting Team Stryker related projects coming up this year including the conclusion to Team Stryker Mission 010! This issue has been an absolute dream come true for me and I can’t wait until I can finish the issue and start making print copies. I’m hoping to have the entire issue finished by the end of March in time for the Calgary Comic Expo in April.

Today’s page was my attempt at a “Street Fighter” versus screen which was a really fun thing to plan out. I love when I can do overly detailed headshots and this was the perfect excuse. Eagleheart rarely gets to give orders in real time so it was fun showing him actually lead Team Stryker and come up with a plan that MIGHT work.

I’ll try to keep the Team Stryker pages flowing here, but you can always check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @TSComic for all your Team Stryker updates!