Team Stryker is back! I apologize for the big delay between the cover of Mission 011 being released in April and the long wait until page one. Between the cover being released and now, the ENTIRE issue 11 has been fully drawn in pencil and ready for final inks and coloring. This should make it much easier for me over the coming weeks to get pages out at a much quicker rate. Having to draw, ink and color every page before it releases just takes too much time. I’ve gone and drawn all 24 pages so now every week I just have to ink and color them before they’re released. Fingers crossed I can keep them coming on a weekly basis for the most part.

As for today’s page, we get another glimpse into the home life of Team Stryker having dinner. I love the idea of super heroes that clearly shouldn’t operate as a family trying to be one. We all know the family dynamic in X-Men and Fantastic Four, but we don’t see that in G.I Joe or the Justice League all living and eating together. Also eating a brick of cheese for dinner will never not be funny to me.

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