Greetings Team Stryker fans! I’m just taking a quick break from inking page 3 of Mission 011 to post the finished page 2. As you can probably tell by the state of Team Stryker’s home base that they get attacked there. A lot. When I first drew their home base in Mission 009 I decided that their place is attacked constantly and they don’t have time to fix it up between missions. They’ve just gotten used to bullet holes in the walls and sofas and picture frames slanted from recent grenade blasts. This doesn’t mean they can’t frame pictures from their missions, vacations, childhoods or fond memories.

With all these constant attacks, most of their furniture needs to also convert into attack mode to support Team Stryker. The layout and design of Team Stryker’s living room is strongly based off my family home that my parents still live in. I even made my mom, dad, brother and girlfriend pose around the dinner when I was putting this issue into pre-production so I could get the details and posing just right. When I showed my family the final page my parents got a kick of being turned into super heroes.

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