Happy Thursday Team Stryker fans! Today I am pleased to release page 05 of Team Stryker Mission 001! This was a hard page to complete as there was a lot to get through on one page. This was my first dialog heavy page and I had to get Team Stryker all together so that they could all be ambushed by the main villain of the issue. Next week’s page has the true reveal so stay tuned!

If you are following Team Stryker on Facebook or Twitter than you have already seen my sneak peak at Mission 3’s exciting cover. I haven’t decided if I want to post it here yet since it is very much out of order. I haven’t even released Mission 002 here yet and Mission 003 is already under way! I just really want everyone to see how much work is going into this comic and to know that there are many, many exciting things on the horizon. Right now I am in the process of coloring the second page to Mission 002 and think that it will blow Mission 001 out of the water in terms of storytelling, art and color. Each page I finish I learn something new and am eager to apply it to the next page. Mission 001 will always be my first, but Mission 002 proved that Team Stryker is not a one-trick pony and I can’t wait to prove that to the world.

I’ve been working so hard on this comic that doing anything else in my spare time, including hobbies feel like a chore. I had to force myself to sit down last night and pick up my PS3 controller and play Dark Souls for a couple hours. It was a fantastic time (considering I got my butt handed to me by Dark Souls), but there is now always a little voice inside my head whispering “You could be coloring, you could be writing, you could be drawing” and it is impossible not to listen. It’s not that this is a nagging voice of a conscience, but that of the nerd inside me that knows that there is no greater feeling than finishing a page of Team Stryker. Every time  I write down a new character, or finish a new layout, or post a new page here it feels like I have just scored the winning goal in the Stanley Cup playoffs. I would do anything to replicate that feeling and so I continue to work harder than I ever have before because that feeling is worth every minute of every hour I spend sitting on my IKEA computer chair working tirelessly on Team Stryker.

Hope everyone enjoys page 05 and I will see you right back here on Monday!