Happy Monday Team Stryker fans! Hope everyone had a productive weekend. We are getting into the meat of Mission 001 and I couldn’t be more excited! This first issue was a Frankenstein of ideas and it was so hard to fit everything into the few pages I had. Years before I even thought of doing a Team Stryker comic book my friends and I would  sit around at the local sandwich shop and just ramble on about all the ridiculous scenarios that Eagleheart, Deadeye, V-Scope and Casanova could get into. At the moment I currently have about 30 more issues written down in note form and I could easily write down 300 more! For each villain I have created I have come up with 10 issues worth of battles that can take place anywhere and anytime. This first Mission feels very subdue compared to what I have planned for the future. By Mission 004 Team Stryker will have traveled the world and more than one time period as well. The future is looking very bright for Team Stryker and I am thankful that I am  given the opportunity to share it with you here on this site.

Have a great start to the week and I will catch all of you back here on Thursday. Until then you can find me on Facebook and Twitter for all your nerdy needs.