Welcome back for another Team Stryker Thursday! We are closely reaching the climax of the first Mission of Team Stryker with Page 09. This first Mission is half the size of a standard published comic book and that is only because it was done on an EXTREME deadline as my friend Matt (the inspiration for Eagleheart) was getting married and I had to make sure it was finished before the wedding. I managed to successfully deliver the comic as well as his and hers Team Stryker’s t-shirts for the wedding and to top it off I put them in the biggest Optimus Prime gift bag I could find. My gift really stood out compared to all the more conservative ones that’s for sure. The next Mission will be over twice as long as runs in at 25 pages plus a cover so you are in for 13 weeks of pure mind-blowing awesomeness when that starts up in July.

In other Team Stryker news I am still awaiting my first printed copy of Mission 001 in the mail. According to the tracking system it went from Orlando on June 7 to Miami on June 10 and now it’s just kind of…sitting there. I’m hoping that the tracking system is just being lazy and that my comic hasn’t been hanging out in Miami for 11 days just getting a tan. As soon as I receive this prototype issue then I can put it online for retail hopefully to coincide with Mission 001 wrapping up and Mission 002 starting up. I’m also looking into doing online distribution for those of you would want Team Stryker on the go without the burden of having to check the site 13 times.

In non Team Stryker related news I am dangerously close to loosing my mind as the complex I live in has had power window washing going on for the last two days right outside my office window. For 9 hours yesterday starting at 8am (I was up until 2am the night before working) and then again this morning it sounds like there is a loud lawn mower constantly going outside the back my house. But here is the kicker: the lawn mower doesn’t move away, it just stays parked outside my house for 9 hours. When I finally couldn’t take it anymore and went to the front of my house to BBQ some lunch there was an actual lawn mower going around. I ended up walking to the nearest Safeway just to get away from the chaos that was my neighborhood. The next time they show up I am going fishing.

Enjoy the rest of your week and I will see you all back here on Monday!