Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I spent my most of my weekend trying to squeeze in work on TS as possible with mixed results. As of writing this I am currently working a full time job managing a small liquor store during the day with TS as my night time/any free time side job. Luckily I have a super understanding and supportive boss who lets me work on Team Stryker at work once all my managerial requirements have been met. Sadly this last weekend was a gong show so I wasn’t able to get as much done on it as I would have liked. I recently treated myself to a shiny new laptop so that I can make some serious progress while at the liquor store (I’m practically getting paid to work on my comic!) Speaking of getting paid I did finish the online store over the weekend so if anyone is interested in a Team Stryker shirt, mug or shot glass I have you covered! Once the second Mission comes out I’ll release some new items based off that. If anyone has any custom orders or just cool ideas for the store please let me know as I live to serve.

There is just one more week of updates before Mission 001 is completed and we move on to Mission 002! Everything is in place to have Mission 001 available for download as well as paperback a week from today (July 2, 2012). I am very excited to start posting Mission 002 as it is a totally different beast from 001. I was on no deadline when I drew it so it is more than twice as long as 001 and I learned a ton while doing it and hopefully it shows. I have the next 3 issues after that planned out so you are in for one exciting year with Team Stryker!