Happy Thursday Team Stryker fans! We are nearing the end of June as well as the end of Mission 001 of Team Stryker. Not only will Mission 001 be available for purchase through paperback next week it will also be available online in downloadable form for just 99 cents! These are exciting times indeed! While you are enjoying reading the first issue I am in the process of submitting the second issue for print and coloring the third issue at the same time. Talk about multitasking.

For those of you that don’t know me personally I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada where the entire city is getting geared up for the world famous Calgary Stampede happening in just 7 days! If you have never been the Calgary Stampede is 10 days of amusement park rides, fixed carnival games, rodeos, drunken cowboys and cowgirls, and all the deep fried foods you can handle. Its a week where blue jeans and plaid shirts are common place at work and cowboy boots and hats will actually help your chances with the ladies, not impair them. If you are planning a good way to kick off your summer there are fewer better ways than by spending it at the Calgary Stampede. You can find all the redneck goodness on their website here. If you are in town for it don’t hesitate to find me on Twitter or Facebook and send me a message. I’ll be down there a handful of times during the event and can always use an entourage!

As a special Thursday gift here is a link to a video of me getting hypnotized at last year’s Stampede. I start getting hypnotized at the 4:00 mark! Have a good long weekend everyone and I will see you right back here on Monday!