Sorry for the late update, I got stuck at my day job and haven’t had access to my computer until now. Hopefully the wait has been worth it for page 03 of Team Stryker: Mission 002! With this issue I really wanted to try and bring out the personalities of all the core members of Team Stryker and since it is twice as long as Mission 001 it gave me a lot more time to play around with each member. Today’s page features Casanova and shows just how inexperienced in the field he is. Casanova is VERY loosely based off myself and therefore the easiest to write. I just have to think “What would I do in his situation?” and the rest is easy. I do hope that I’m smart enough to know how to properly hold binoculars while on a swing, but that is meant to be seen. Since all 4 members of TS are inspired by friends of mine and we have had so many conversations talking about these characters (or in some cases talking as the characters) its very easy for me to know what Eagleheart would say as chances are I’ve talked to the real Eagleheart about the same scenario before. Hopefully this makes TS as fun to read for you as it is to write for me.

I’m expecting delivery of the proof to Mission 002 any day now so when the issue is finished being published on the website I’ll have the print versions available for purchase. I’m very excited to see the second issue in print as I’ve only ever printed it once before and it was in black in white and done on 8.5×11 paper which isn’t the same as holding a 7×10 comic book in your hands. When it arrives I’ll be sure post a few pictures of it on my Twitter and Facebook.

Have a good start to the week everyone and I will catch you back here on Thursday!