Happy Thursday Team Stryker fans! Sorry for the late post, my van (or shaggin’ wagon) as I like to call it blew a tire the other day so I had to get it fixed as I don’t trust my spare tire to get me from A to B.

Today marks a first for Team Stryker as TS is now available in stores! Well, one store, Comic-Kazi in Calgary, Alberta to be precise. They have a limited number of issues for sale at a special introductory price. If you are in the Calgary area and want to get your hands on the first issue of TS without having to order it online Comic-Kazi is your best bet. I’m hoping to have it carried in even more stores in the following weeks and I’ll keep you updated as to where you can find it. You can get directions to Comic-Kazi here or check out their Facebook page and request that they put an issue aside for you. Once the second issue is published I plan on doing a big signing down there with issues as well as some prints as well.

Have a great Thursday and I’ll be back here with your Monday edition of Team Stryker!